Mighty Liner Floor Tape Applicator & Cleaner

Mighty Liner Floor Tape Applicator applies any tape to the floor, peeling back the liner as you walk forward. Mighty Liner can be used to apply other tapes like vinyl tape, gaffers’ tape, duct tape, anti-slip tape and others.  This applicator is light weight, easy to handle and easy to store. To use, simply mark your reference line, load the tape, feed the liner through, align with straight edge, push applicator and cut tape.
Mighty Line Floor Tape Cleaner is formulated for heavy duty use to replace hazardous cleaning solutions. Our cleaner is a green cleaning product that simplifies industrial cleaning and saves time by penetrating, dissolving, and safely cleaning any washable surface. 


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2”, 3”, 4” Floor Tape Applicator
1 Gallon Mighty Line Heavy Duty Cleaner