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WireCrafters Wire Fencing


WireCrafters Wire Partitions & Wire Cages are excellent choice for security areas to prevent pilferage, enclose work areas in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers. Great for stock rooms, tool cribs and other secure locations.  WireCrafters cages can be configured to the exact size that will fit your available space. Enclosures are secure as hardware is inaccessible from the outside of the wire cage. Wire mesh panels and ceiling panels are interchangeable which simplifies relocation and design changes.  Woven wire partitions can be removed, relocated and put back together in a short amount of time. You can even change the configurations when your needs change.


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WireCrafters Woven Wire or Welded Wire?
What should I use for my application, Woven Wire or Welded Wire Mesh?
Both Woven Wire and Welded Wire are used for secured storage.
Both will keep unauthorized people out and your inventory safe.


wirecrafters fencing

Heavy Duty Style 840 Woven Wire
WireCrafters Super Strong Fencing   

Pre-Configured Systems
10 Gauge 2" x 1"
Woven Wire Pattern
wirecrafters fencing

wirecrafters fencing

Medium Duty Style 840 Welded Wire

WireCrafters RapidWire Fencing

Pre-Configured Systems
10 Gauge 2" Square
Welded Wire Pattern


wirecrafters locks

WireCrafters Door
Locking Options



Finish:  Non-plated parts receive one coat of gray acrylic enamel, optional colors are available.. Touch up paint included with each shipment.  Colors.pdf
Hardware: Shall be 3/8" standard thread grade two plated nuts and bolts. Floor anchors are 3/8" wedge type-provided. All necessary erection hardware is included (including concrete floor anchors).
Installation:  Fewer parts than standard partitions systems.  Angle frames give clear access to all mount hardware.  Easy to reconfigure as needs change.  Installation.pdf