WireCrafters Fencing Components

WireCrafters Fencing Components


WireCrafters Fencing Components, Wire Partitions Panels, Post, Doors, Locks and other components for your security wire system. Know what you need?  Build your own sections by selecting following these easy steps. 

WireCrafters Style 840 Super Strong Woven Wire Panels
WireCrafters signature wire mesh is a 10 gauge wire, woven into a 2" x 1" rectangular mesh. Style 840 wire mesh has been embraced by automotive manufacturing facilities nationwide for all of their machine guards and inventory control areas. The Style 840 mesh is also used by drug manufacturers for the storage of controlled substances, as inspected by the Drug Enforcement Agency. The 2" x 1" wire mesh size is small enough to keep items safe and secure, but also large enough to allow a clear view of inventory or other items being stored.
WireCrafters Style 840 Welded Wire Panels
With WireCrafters welded wire mesh, the wires are welded together at every wire intersection. Welded wire mesh is lighter because the wires are not crimped as in woven wire mesh; therefore it utilizes less wire. With every wire welded to the next, cut outs can be made and the mesh never loses its shape. Ten gauge welded wire in a 2" x 2" square mesh is our most popular mesh. This welded wire mesh is strong and very practical for wire partition products

Step 1, chose the style of wire partitions and post (add 2" for each post in the run).
What should I use for my application, Woven Wire or Welded Wire Mesh?  Both Woven Wire and Welded Wire are used for secured storage. Both will keep unauthorized people out and your inventory safe.


WireCrafters Wire Panels and Post
woven wire panel
WireCrafters Style 840 Super Strong
Woven Wire Panels
2" x 1" Woven Wire
wirecrafters fencing
welded panels
WireCrafters Style 840
Welded Wire Panels
2" x 2" Welded Wire
wirecrafters fencing
fencing post
WireCrafters Style 840
Fencing Post. Use with
 Woven & Welded Wire
wirecrafters fencing

Step 2, Select the type of door for your systems.
 Doors included 2 door post.


WireCrafters Doors & Locks
wirecrafters doors
WireCrafters Single
Wire Hinged Door
wirecrafters fencing
hinged door
WireCrafters Double
Hinged Door
wirecrafters fencing
sliding doors
  WireCrafters Sliding
wirecrafters fencing
door locks
WireCrafters Door
Locking Options
wirecrafters fencing


Design Your Fencing System in 5 Easy Steps

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Warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities commonly use wire partitions for tool cribs, maintenance cages, machine guarding, and general inventory storage areas. In addition, wire partitions are also utilized in data centers for security and separation of computer servers, to divide colocation facilities, for temporary holding cells and evidence storage cages by law enforcement, and the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) utilize wire partitions for their secured drug and pharmaceutical storage needs.