Lift Products Low Profile Lift-N-Spin Lift Table



Lift Products Low Profile Lift-N-Spin Lift Table with a lowered height of only 4.25". The Lift-N-Spin can be loaded with a manual or electric pallet truck. This is accomplished by the exclusive auto-transition plate. The Lift-N-Spin has a raised height of 35". This is an ideal height for work positioning applications. The rotating top avoids the need to walk around or reach across. Exclusive Auto-Transition Plate is a key feature of the Lift-N-Spin. This Auto-Transition Plate provides a smooth surface from the ramp onto the rotating top. Once the lift is raised 1/4" the Auto-Transition Plate automatically lowers to allow the spinning of the rotating top. When the table is fully lowered the Auto-Transition Plate automatically raises again to provide a smooth surface to load the next pallet. 

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Model Number Platform Size Travel Capacity Price Buy Now
39-1/2" wide x 55" long
4.25" to 35"
2,000 pounds