Bishamon Lift Pilot Floor Level Pallet, Skid Positioner



Bishamon Lift Pilot Floor Level Pallet, Skid Positioner with telescoping forks to lift pallets safely in tight areas.

Standard FeaturesPallet truck accessible - no ramp, bump or obstruction - nothing to stumble over!Unique "Space Saving" design with the smallest footprint in the industry. Model Number LP-25.  Mast lights (Red & Green) to indicate pallet presence and fault conditions. Patent pending: US Patent 7,604,452 Other Patents Pending. Operator has full access to pallet sides and end for easy pallet loading or unloading - nothing to reach over! Handles GMA pallets from the end. Handles CHEP pallets from the end or side.Patented "Foot Clear" safety design with automatic carriage stop.Intelligent design and operator interface: Pallet presence sensors, Highly visible function lights at top of mast. Voice commands. Operator console mounted to back of mast. Pallet sensor to detect pallet presence before extending forks. Linear motion structure with telescopic forks.

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Model Number Overall Size Raised Fork Height Capacity Price Buy Now
37" wide x 40" deep
2,500 pounds