Presto Lifts P3 Spring Load Levelers



Presto Lifts P3 Spring Load Leveler improve the efficiency and productivity of manual pallet loading and unloading operations. A system of springs and shock absorbers lower or raise loads as boxes are added or removed from pallets.  The built-in turntable ring allows workers to spin the load so that work is always being done on the nearside
P3 Spring Load Leveler are completely automatic and require no power or air supply to operate.  Tubular steel frame holds loads up to 4,500 pounds. Heavy-duty springs automatically adjust pallet height. Dampener provides smooth, gradual raising and lowering, without overshoot or bounce Integrated turntable ring. Fork pockets for relocation by fork truck. No lagging necessary. Leveling feet (optional) allow use on sloping or uneven floors.

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Model Number Platform Size Travel Load Capacity Price Buy Now
43-5/8" diameter
9-1/2" to 28"
4,500 pounds