Rousseau Metal WSM0017 End of Aisle Workbench



Rousseau Metal WSM0017 End of Aisle Workbench offers a multitude of possible layouts, thanks to its numerous accessories which allow you to create a work center that responds to your exact needs. Whether you are installing a workbench for a production or assembly line, or a custom layout for your machine tool workshop, our line of products offers you an impressive selection of accessories that are sure to meet and surpass your expectations. From shipping and receiving, to your foreman’s office, the quality and variety of our product will more than satisfy you. Moreover, the Rousseau multi-purpose stand presents an immense advantage by being so easy to reconfigure, without tools. It can be changed according to your evolving needs by simply adding accessories.

Perfect workstation for narrow areas or end of an aisle.
Size: 36" wide x 30" deep x 80" high
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36" x 30" x 80"
Laminated Wood
Sliding Tray
36" x 30" x 80"
Laminated Wood
Adjustable Tray
36" x 30" x 80"
Laminated Wood
No Tray