Handle-it Guard Rail Options

45 Degree Angle Adapter allows a guard rail system to closely follow the contour of what is being protected while maximizing floor space
Self-Closing Pedestrian Gate: allows you to swing open and close a section of rail. Adjustable self-closing pedestrian gate attaches to the guard rail columns.  It has a width range of 36" to 54" wide and is useful in walkways. Add 1.5" to dimensions if adding a gate
Hinged Gate Assembly:  (RH-2) allows the guard rail to swing for access.  Add 1.5" to dimensions if adding a gate
Lift Out Adapters: (LOA) allow for lift out style rails (bolt on sleeve to the column).  To access equipment or space behind the guard rail system use lift out adapter.  These adapters use slot assemblies on the columns to allow the rails to be removed and then dropped back into place.  Add 1" to overall dimension for Lift Out Adapters
Down Guard Adapters: (DGA) set rails flush with the floor providing low level protection.  Add 1" to overall dimension for Down Guard Adapters are being used

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Guard Rail 45 Degree Angle Adapter
Self-Closing Pedestrian Gate
Hinged Gate Assembly
Lift Out Adapters
Down Guard Adapters