Arko-Mils Plastic Shelf Bins

Arko-Mils Plastic Shelf Bins are perfect replacement for flimsy corrugated bins.  Arko-Mils Plastic Shelf Bins are molded of durable polypropylene. Shelf Bins fit standard 12, 18 and 24 deep shelving, or vertical storage and retrieval units.
Waterproof containers are unaffected by grease or oil.  Optional Dividers Black polypropylene dividers allow you to create compartments. Fits all bins except 30110.  Each bin accepts up to 7 compartment dividers.



    Akro-Mils industry leading 4" tall Shelf Bins are constructed of durable industrial-grade plastic and provide a neat and attractive storage solution. The superior construction of these affordable plastic storage bins allows them to be fully loaded without bulging or cracking and multiple divider slots allow for a greater number of storage options. Akro-Mils Shelf Bins are a superior alternative to weak and flimsy cardboard bins. 12", 18" and 24" deep bins work with standard wire or steel shelving. One-piece construction is waterproof and unaffected by grease or oil. Works in temperatures down to -20° F.