LEWISbins Plexton Fiberglass Small Part Bins



LEWISBINS Fiberglass Hopper Front Small Part Bins. Get high density storage and quick access to your product with Plexton Hoppers. These hopper front containers give you the ability to pick and visually inspect the contents.  Front label area accommodates adhesive labels. Ideal for heavy parts storage and hardware merchandising.
Colors:  Green, Gray and Red. 


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Model Number Outside L x W x H Inside Bottom L x W Carton Quantity Carton Pricing Buy Now
18.1" x 11.4" x 7.6"
12.8" x 7.5"
10 Per Carton
24" x 11.4" x 7.9"
19" x 7.6"
10 Per Carton
24.1" x 16.3" x 8"
18.8" x 11.6"
5 Per Carton