Electric Carts, Medium Duty, Model MC-10-M

  • Electric Carts, Medium Duty, Model MC-10-M
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Electric Carts, Medium Duty, Model MC-10-M

Electric Carts, Medium Duty, Model MC-10-M is a battery operated self-propelled electric platform truck. It can be used almost anywhere equipment and supplies have to be moved. This unique cart increases productivity and reduces injuries caused by pushing and pulling ordinary non-powered carts. This flexible vehicle can travel over carpeting, tile or any hard surface, and go in and out of elevators. The Moto-Cart has a capacity of 1,500 lbs. on a level surface and can handle 1,000 lbs. on a 6° incline. It can travel up to 15 miles on a charge.

New Roller Grip Controls: • Roller (red) Speed Controls for Variable Speed Forward or Reverse • Rabbit / Tuddle Switch for Top Speed Control • Power Green Light (which also flashes when battery is low) • Emergency Stop Bump Switch (that resets with key switch) • Horn and Key Switch Features: • Heavy Duty 24-Volt Electronics and Drive Motor • Center Wheel Drive for Easy Maneuvering • On-Board Battery Charger - Uses Standard Grounded Outlet 120V 60Hz • Free-Wheel Mode (When key is in off position and brake is released) • Articulated Transaxle Drive • Two Heavy Duty Maintenance-Free Batteries 33 amp each • Anti-Skid Deck Mat • Bumper Molding • Color White • Maximum Speed 2.6 mph Safety Features: • Automatic Braking (Dynamic Regenerative) • Automatic Parking Brake (Electro-mechanical) • Horn • Emergency Stop Switch • Flashing Reverse Mode Switch (Switch flashes yellow when in reverse drive mode) • Splash Proof Electronics • Release Brake Drive Inhibit (Unit will not operate when parking brake is off) • Charge Mode Drive Inhibit (Unit will not operate when plugged in to charge) • Throttle Fault Inhibit (Unit will not operate if throttle is faulty)

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