Vestil BTA-06005436 Aluminum Truck Dock Board

  • Manufacturer: Vestil

  • MFG's Part Number: BTA-06005436

  • Vestil BTA-06005436 Aluminum Truck Dock Board
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Vestil BTA-06005436 Aluminum Truck Dock Board

Vestil BTA-06005436 Aluminum Truck Dock Board is engineered and built to maximize safety while handling heavy fork trucks and loads. The beveled edge is designed for smooth entry and exit. Locking legs prevent movement during loading and unloading operations. Locking legs are uneven to allow the dock board to sit canted, while not in use, for easier pickup by fork trucks. Welded aluminum safety curbs prevent accidental runoffs and provide visible driving lane. When using three-wheeled fork trucks order dock board with capacity at least four times the lifting capacity of fork truck. The width of the dock board should be at least 15” wider than the load or equipment passing between the curbs. Bend is 11 degrees and 9" from the edge and the legs are 12" from the edge. Manufactured in compliance with OSHA.
♦  Size:  54" wide x 36" long
♦  Height Difference:  5"
♦  Weight:  79 pounds
♦  Capacity:  6,000 pounds

How to choose a dock Board
♦  Determine Capacity - Add the weight of the forklift and the weight of the maximum load to be carried. 
♦  Determine Width - The width of the dock board should be at least 18 inches wider than your widest equipment passing over the board. Remember, safety curbs take up 6 inches of usable width.
Example: A 60 inch dock board has 54 inches of usable space. 
  Determine Length - You need to know the maximum difference between the height of the dock and the height of the highest truck bed. 

Vestil BTA-05005436 Aluminum Truck Dock Board

CAPACITY is based upon the heaviest type of equipment used plus the maximum load carried times the single axle rating of total load. Dynamic loading, driver tendencies, speed, and frequency of use must be considered. Steel (TS-series) dock boards recommended for high use docks.

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Size: 54" wide x 36" long ♦ Height Difference: 5" ♦ Weight: 79 pounds ♦ Capacity: 6,000 pounds

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