About Us


Custom Equipment Company is your go-to source for material handling, storage, and packaging solutions. With over 40 years of experience, we've successfully implemented thousands of solutions, building a solid reputation for reliability and expertise. Our extensive catalog features thousands of high-quality products from trusted brands, all listed with manufacturer’s part numbers to simplify price comparisons.


 Why Shop with Us at Custom Equipment Company?

We offer a comprehensive range of material handling products at significantly lower prices than local dealers or other online catalogs. Shopping with us means you don't need to spend hours searching the web for the right item at the right price.




Our Commitment to Excellence:
♦ Building Customer Loyalty: Exceptional customer support ensures a positive shopping experience, encouraging repeat business and fostering brand advocates.
Enhancing Brand Reputation: Our commitment to offering only top-rated products ensures customer satisfaction, enhancing our brand reputation through positive reviews and referrals.
Gaining a Competitive Edge: Our outstanding customer support and premium product quality set us apart in the crowded online marketplace.
Reducing Returns and Complaints: High-quality products result in fewer returns and complaints, saving on support costs and maintaining positive brand perception.
Increasing Customer Trust: Reliable customer service and consistent product quality build trust, which is crucial for long-term success in e-commerce.
Valuable Feedback Loop: Our effective customer support facilitates open communication, providing insights that help us improve and tailor our offerings.
♦ Higher Conversion Rates: A combination of quality products and excellent customer service leads to higher conversion rates and positive word-of-mouth advertising.
Risk Mitigation: Prompt and efficient customer support is vital for resolving issues swiftly and mitigating potential risks related to customer dissatisfaction or legal challenges.

Custom Equipment Company isn't just about resolving issues or selling quality products; we strategically invest in customer satisfaction and robust support to maintain a sustainable, trusted, and competitive presence in the e-commerce industry.