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Custom Equipment Company features thermoformed plastic pallets, thermoformed plastic trays, plastic clam shells, thin gauge trays, container partition sets, layer pads, honeycomb packaging, steel shipping racks, VpCI paper, corrosion protection and many other styles to choose from. Let us help you design you next project,


Custom Equipment Company has one goal: to partner with our customers and not just another supplier. After thoroughly assessing and evaluating your requirements, we will provide a comprehensive solution based on your application, quantity, weight, and, most importantly,, your budget. You can feel confident that we will help you choose the right solution for your handling needs.

Engineered Solutions
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Thermoformed Plastic
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Thermoformed Trays
Clam Shells
plastic pallets
Thin Gauge Trays
Clam Shells
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Container Partition Sets
Layer Pads
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ESD Partition Sets

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Honeycomb Packaging

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