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Q: Why do I need to set up an account?

Once you've set up an account, you can shop at Custom Equipment faster and easier. Your account will automatically store your billing and shipping information plus any additional shipping addresses. This information will appear automatically where needed during the purchase and checkout process. You won't have to retype it each time you make a purchase.

Q: What is my Billing Information?

When prompted for billing information, please provide the address to which the bill or invoice should be sent. You will be asked to provide shipping information separately.

Q: What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express Cards. Payment in advance, wire transfers (after account is set up), and personal checks are also accepted. Additionally, once you have established credit with Custom Equipment, you will be set up on Net 30 day terms.

Q: How do I establish credit with Custom Equipment Company?

An account will be established when you place your first order with Custom Equipment. Open account terms of Net 30 days after shipment are extended to firms listed and satisfactorily rated by Dun and Bradstreet. If your company is not rated with D&B, please provide us with the name and address of your bank plus two credit references. To expedite your first order, please feel free to use one of the following credit cards: Master Card, VISA, or American Express.

Q: How do I contact Custom Equipment Company?

If you have product application questions, need a special or customized product, have questions about your order, want to return merchandise, or have a freight claim problem, just call us at 866-333-0728 or 919-518-0900, or e-mail us at: [email protected] for immediate assistance.

Q: How do I request a quote?

If you need a written quotation, please e-mail us at: [email protected]. We'll respond promptly with pricing and lead times..

Q: What if I need a different color or size than what is listed in the catalog?

Custom Equipment has a dedicated and knowledgeable sales team who are available to assist you when you are searching for products that are not online or in the catalog, custom products, or to answer specific questions you may have about our more technical products. Call, fax, or e-mail us for information. Toll Free (US & Canada): 866-333-0728 or 919-518-0900 Fax: 919-847-5765 e-mail: [email protected].

Q: What is the remit to address?

PLEASE NOTE:  Our Remit to Address has changed.  Please, update your records to the following:   
Custom Equipment Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 487
Huger, SC 29450

Q: Do your prices include freight costs?

All prices in the Custom Equipment web site reflect Buyer's net cost in U.S. currency. The prices do not include freight, applicable federal, state, and local taxes, charges and duties, or special crating requirements for export shipment. Buyer shall pay all such costs, taxes, charges, and duties. Prices, colors, and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Unlike UPS charges, freight charges are extremely complicated as the freight rates are based upon the weight of the shipment, density of the goods, ease of handling, damage rate versus cost of the goods, distance traveled and the volume of freight handled between origin and destination for the Freight Company as well as services required at the origin and destination.  In other words there is no "one size fits all" for freight pricing.  Custom Equipment Company provides freight and shipping estimates as a courtesy to our customers. These estimates are based on information given to us at the time of inquiry, and are subject to change due to fuel surcharge, accessory charge, address change, redirected shipments, residential or commercial delivery address, or refused shipments.  Custom Equipment Company does not assume liability for any difference in freight estimate versus actual billed freight charges.

Q: What are your payment terms?

Sales are Net 30 Days to established Custom Equipment customers with approved credit. New or non-established customers have these options: Pay via Credit Card. We accept Visa, Master card, and American Express. Purchase Order with approved credit. Cash in advance (cashier's check, money order). If you are paying with a credit card, we will charge your card upon shipment of your order. If you are paying with a check, we will ship the order upon receipt of a check in our offices.

Q: What do I do if I have billing or accounting questions?

If you have questions concerning an invoice, freight charges, credit memo, etc., please call our 866-333-0728

Q: What is your policy on returns or damaged shipments?

Please call 866-333-0728 for a Return Authorization number (returns will not be accepted unless accompanied by this number) and be sure to write your RA number on the shipping label. Goods are not to be returned without written permission from our company. A 25% handling charge shall be made on all goods returned, as well as reconditioning charge if required, as determined by the company. Custom made products are non-returnable. All returns must be in their original packaging. Claims for discrepancies in shipment must be made within 7 days of receipt of merchandise or they will not be accepted. Materials returned after 30 days from date of shipment will not be accepted. C.P.A. returns will not be accepted. Altered or etched items will not be accepted.

Buyer should thoroughly inspect all items for shipping damage before accepting delivery. If damage has occurred, Buyer should note the extent of the damage on the freight bill and call Custom Equipment and the truck company immediately. Custom Equipment's responsibility for loss and damage ceases when the products are accepted for shipment by the carrier. All orders are inspected prior to shipment. To protect your interests, it is strongly suggested that you check items before accepting delivery.

Ordering & Shipping:
Custom Equipment is dedicated to making ordering and shipping easy. Choose the method you prefer: Ordering Online: CEC offers secure online order processing. Phone: Call us toll-free at 866-333-0728 (Monday-Friday 8 am - 5pm ET.). Fax us your purchase order to: 919-847-5765 - 24 hours a day.

Do you have a minimum order:
Metro products have a $50.00 shipping and handling fee on all Metro items that the total is under $350.00.  The $50.00 includes the freight.  All Metro orders over $350.00, standard freight terms apply. This applies to Metro Products only.
Biofit Chairs & Stools prices shown in this price list include surface transportation by BioFit's choice of carrier to anywhere in the lower 48 states.
LEWISbins has a minimum order requirement of $100.00.  Any orders under $100.00 will have a $15.00 handling fee.
Monoflo Products have a minimum order total of $3,500.00 using any combination of Monoflo Products.
Orbis Products have a minimum order total of $750.00 using any combination of Orbis Products.

Prices and charges in this catalog are effective upon publication (or immediately when displayed on our web site) and are subject to change without notice. All prices are quoted in US dollars. We reserve the right to pass on any surcharges or impose purchase restrictions or limits at any time.

The value of the defective product or material is our only liability. All technical data has been supplied by t he manufacturer and is listed only as a convenience. We do not warrant or represent that the merchandise complies with the provisions of any law, particularly the Walsh-Healy Public Contracts Act, and the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, and regulations promulgated there under, unless the manufacturer so warrants.

Catalog Errors:
Although all information in this catalog has been carefully checked for accuracy, errors and omissions occasionally occur and therefore are subject to correction. We regret any inconvenience. All items are priced FOB point of origin, unless otherwise specified. Wherever appropriate, we will ship via UPS. Overnight and other special shipments must be cleared in advance with our customer service representatives. All other shipments will ship either by your preferred motor freight provider or freight collect. If you wish to specify your own freight carrier, all products ordered will be shipped freight collect with the freight carrier you specify. The freight carrier will bill you for the cost of shipping according to their terms of service. Carrier Surcharges: Carriers may impose surcharges, which vary by carrier and may change at the carrier's discretion. Custom Equipment Company will pass on the surcharge.

Invoicing Options:
Sales are Net 30 Days to established Custom Equipment customers with approved credit. New or non-established customers have these options: Pay via Credit Card. We accept Visa, Master card, and American Express. Purchase Orders with approved credit. Cash in advance (cashier's check, money order). If you are paying with a credit card, we will charge your card upon shipment of your order. If you are paying with a check, we will ship the order upon receipt of a check in our offices.

Although every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, we cannot be held responsible for typographical or printing errors. Information and specifications are subject to change without notice. Please confirm at time of order.

Contact Information:
Contact us by mail
Custom Equipment Company
P.O. Box 97305
Raleigh, NC 27624
Toll-Free 1-866-333-0728
Billing or Accounting Inquirie: [email protected]

Q: I need more information about WireCrafters Products?

How does WireCrafters wire partition panel system work?
Our panels install horizontally between tubular posts. Stack two or more panels between posts to reach the desired height. Stock sized panels come in widths of one (1) to ten (10) feet in one foot increments. Mount panels to posts with standard nuts and bolts (provided), or use tek screws. Anchor posts to floor using stud anchors (provided).
Can panels be manufactured with different types of mesh?
Yes, WireCrafters stocks several different mesh sizes, expandable metal, sheet metal, lexan, and other materials for special applications.
Can the top of a wire cage or enclosure be walked on or used for additional storage space?
No, we do not have impact ratings for our wire partition products.
Why stock heights are listed 5-1/4" taller than the nominal wall height? (I.e. 8'5-1/4" instead of 8'-0").
WireCrafters lists the overall height of the partition, which includes a 3-1/4" sweep space beneath the wire partition panels, the 8' panel, and 2" post projection above the wire panels for a total height of 8'5-1/4".
What is the "sweep space"? And do I need one?
The sweep space is the open area between the floor and the bottom of the panels. It is designed into the system for housekeeping purposes (i.e. cleaning floors, etc.). A sweep space is not required and determining if one is needed depends on your specific application.
Can I order a sweep space larger than 3-1/4"?
Yes, panels can be mounted at nearly any height off of the floor. This does require changing the standard hole layout on the posts; a modification best done in our manufacturing facility.
Are the wall panels and ceiling panels interchangeable?
Yes, we use the same panels for walls and ceilings; there is no difference between the two.
Can I add a ceiling at a later date? Or do I have to order it with the original layout?
You can add a ceiling to your cage or enclosure at any time. However, if you are considering adding a clear spanned ceiling, you should plan for it in your original layout. Depending on the width of your enclosure, we may need to position posts directly opposite of each other in order to support ceiling tubes for attaching the ceiling panels.
What is an adjustable panel?
Adjustable panels are used in layouts that cannot be accurately measured, and are designed to fit in between a post or building wall to close gaps at the end of a run of partitions.
Is there a difference between a door and a gate?
No, the terms are used interchangeably.
Why do all doors come with two door posts?
Doors for WireCrafters Style 840 wire partitions are designed to be installed with door posts. These posts allow stock hinged and sliding doors (except Dutch style doors) to be universal - mounted inside or outside swing/slide, and left or right handed.
What is a "Tunnel Door"?
A "Tunnel Door" is a sliding door designed for no overhead obstruction that rolls on the floor rather than hanging from a track. A "Tunnel Door" can be retro-fitted to standard sliding door openings.
How is my order packaged for shipment?
Most shipments are banded onto a wooden skid; posts down the center of the pallet, with panels stacked upright along the edges.
When should I put a post adjacent to a building wall instead of connecting directly to the wall?
Generally, the type and condition of existing building walls determines if you can anchor the panels to the wall. The building wall must have sufficient strength to hold the anchors. A good rule of thumb is if in doubt, put a post at the wall. This will slightly increase the cost, but may save lots of aggravation and issues in the future.
Drywall (sheet rock, gypsum board) walls usually require a post at the wall unless you can find a wall stud to anchor the panel.
Cement block walls provide a solid, sturdy mounting surface.
Wood walls, or wood strips mounted on walls make a fairly good mounting surface.
Metal walls are usually too thin for mounting.
Can I install the product outside?
The product is designed to be installed indoors. We recommend using different coatings - such as galvanizing - if the product will be used in outdoor applications.
Can I use tek screws for installation?
Yes, you can use tek screws for assembly. All panels are punched with small slotted holes for tek screw assembly and large slotted holes for thru bolt assembly. We recommend using the 3/8" nuts and bolts provided with your order because of the added adjustment and flexibility they offer.
I want to reconfigure our cage. Can I re-use any of the materials?
Yes, materials may be reconfigured. All WireCrafters Style 840 wire partition panels are interchangeable, and there is no difference between wall and ceiling panels. When reusing posts, be sure to recognize the three different types: Door, Run, and Corner.