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This Web site is secured with a Comodo PositiveSSL EV SSL Web Server Certificate.
Transactions on the site are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. 

Identity, Authorization, and Domain Control Verified
Extended Validation, 2048-bit Industry Standard SSL Certificate

Comodo PositiveSSL EV has obtained/verified the following information: 
• Custom Equipment Company, LLC legally exists as a valid organization or entity in its Jurisdiction of Incorporation. 
• The name Custom Equipment Company, LLC matches the name on the official government records of the Incorporating Agency. 
• The Registration Number assigned to Custom Equipment Company, LLC by the Incorporating Agency. 
• The identity and address of Custom Equipment Company, LLC's Registered Agent or Registered Office (as applicable). 
• Custom Equipment Company, LLC owns or has the exclusive right to use the domain name 
• Custom Equipment Company, LLC has authorized the issuance of this Premium EV SSL certificate. 

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Certificate Status
The certificate is valid to 5/10/2023

In today's world, for better or worse, security issues are at the forefront of our thoughts. 

Sites secured provide up to 256-bit encryption, offering the highest level of encryption and security possible. This means you can rest assured that communications between your browser and this site's web servers are private and secure.