Buckhorn Heavy Duty 48x40 BH-Series Collapsible Bulk Containers

Buckhorn Heavy Duty 48x40 BH-Series Collapsible Bulk Containers

The Buckhorn Heavy Duty 48" x 40" Collapsible Bulk Container offers the versatility that material handling professionals need. Constructed from tough, durable high-density polyethylene, these reusable plastic containers are designed for long-lasting performance under the harshest conditions, ensuring excellent product protection.

Key features include:
♦ 2,500 lb. load capacity with a reinforced base featuring three steel runners for added durability|
♦ Post-and-pocket side panels that interlock for enhanced strength
♦ Steel corner hit plates to deflect fork tines
♦ 4-way entry base compatible with fork trucks and pallet jacks
♦ Two drop doors for quick and easy access to contents
♦ Ability to collapse flat in seconds for efficient storage and return shipment, optimizing space usage and reducing return freight costs
♦ Hand-held areas on the panels for a comfortable grip and easy handling

These containers deliver reliable performance and flexibility, making them an ideal choice for various material handling applications.

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Model Number L x W x H Capacity Weight Quantity Discounts Buy Now
47.6" long x 39.8" wide x 25" high
2,500 pounds
121.3 pounds
47.6" long x 39.8" wide x 33.9" high
2,500 pounds
141.2 pounds