Metro Stainless Steel Cleanroom Garment Racks

Metro Stainless Steel Garment Rack


Metro Stainless Steel Cleanroom Garment Racks are designed to store Cleanroom garments efficiently. Type 304 stainless steel construction throughout. Electro-polished, Type 304 stainless steel hangers are included (10 lbs. load rating per hanger). Hangers are spaced at 3" (75mm) intervals. A unique hanger capture mechanism provides theft deterrence. Open wire construction promotes laminar airflow. Adjustable stainless steel triangular foot plates are provided for floor mounting. The unit is non-conductive but can be conductive by adding HD Aluminum Split Sleeves (9986HZ).

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Model Number Size Hangers Load Capacity Price Buy Now
24" wide x 36" long x 74" high
11 hanger
110 pounds
24" wide x 48" long x 74" high
15 hanger
150 pounds
24" wide x 60" long x 74" high
19 hangers
190 pounds
24" wide x 72" long x 74" high
23 hangers
230 pounds