Davco GM-5131 Rigid Single Gate Wire Mesh Bulk Bin

  • Davco GM-5131 Rigid Single Gate Wire Mesh Bulk Bin
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The Davco GM-5131 Rigid Single Gate Wire Mesh Bulk Bin is designed to cater to the needs of various industrial, warehousing, and logistics applications. Its unique features provide several benefits, making it a popular choice for businesses looking to improve their material handling and storage processes. 
♦ 54" wide x 44" deep x 40" high
♦ Helf drop gate on one 54" side
♦ Inside Usable Volume: 45 cubic feet
♦ Heavy duty reinforced wire mess on all four sides
♦ Heavy duty mesh floor.
♦ Stack Height: 5 full bins.
♦ Color: Blue Enamel

Here are the key advantages.
♦ Durability: Made from high-quality steel with a wire mesh construction, the GM-5131 is built to last. It can withstand heavy loads and the general wear and tear of industrial environments, ensuring a long service life.
♦ Easy Access with Single Gate: The single gate feature of this bin allows for easy access to contents, making loading and unloading processes more efficient. This is particularly beneficial when handling bulky or heavy items that require easy access for forklifts or other lifting equipment.
♦ Improved Safety: The rigid and robust design enhances safety in the workplace by securely containing materials and preventing spillage. Additionally, the gate mechanism is designed to be user-friendly, reducing the risk of accidents during operation.
♦ Enhanced Visibility and Airflow: The wire mesh design provides strength and allows for visibility of the bin's contents, facilitating inventory checks without opening the bin. This mesh construction also ensures proper airflow, which is crucial for items that require ventilation to prevent moisture buildup or spoilage.
♦ Space Efficiency: While the GM-5131 is a rigid bin and not collapsible, its design still allows for efficient use of space. Multiple bins can be stacked on each other (when not loaded or as per manufacturer's guidelines), optimizing vertical space in storage and transportation settings.
♦ Versatility: This bin is suitable for various applications, from storing parts and components in manufacturing facilities to transporting agricultural products. Its durable construction makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
♦ Cost-Effectiveness: The long-lasting durability of the GM-5131 reduces the need for frequent replacements, offering significant cost savings over time. Furthermore, its efficiency in storing and handling materials can lead to reduced labor costs and improved operational productivity.
♦ Eco-Friendly: By choosing a reusable and durable storage solution like the GM-5131, companies can minimize their reliance on disposable packaging materials, contributing to more sustainable business practices.
♦ Low Maintenance: The steel wire mesh construction is durable and relatively easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that the bin remains in good condition over long periods of use.

The Davco GM-5131 Rigid Single Gate Wire Mesh Bulk Bin is designed for various industrial, agricultural, and commercial storage, handling, and transportation needs.
Here are some of its typical uses:
♦ Material Storage and Handling: These bins are widely used in warehouses and manufacturing facilities to store and handle raw materials, components, and finished goods. The wire mesh design allows for easy visibility of contents, improving inventory management and accessibility.
♦ Equipment and Tool Storage: In commercial and industrial environments, these bins provide a secure and organized way to store tools and equipment.
♦ Bulk Handling in Retail: For retail operations, especially those dealing with bulk items, these bins can be used to display and manage inventory such as hardware, garden supplies, or sports equipment.
♦ Transportation: Their robust construction makes them suitable for transporting goods between locations. The single gate feature allows for easy loading and unloading of materials.
♦ Security: For items that require a level of security while still being accessible for inspection, the mesh design offers a balance between visibility and containment.
♦ Agricultural Produce: In the agricultural sector, these bins can be used for storing and transporting fruits, vegetables, grains, and other produce. The mesh provides ventilation, which is crucial for maintaining the quality of perishable goods.
♦ Recycling and Waste Management: They are suitable for collecting and sorting recyclable materials or waste, thanks to their durability and ease of cleaning.
♦ Parts Washing and Drying: The mesh design allows for the easy washing and drying of parts or components in industrial settings, as liquids can drain away quickly.
♦ Cooling and Freezing Applications: The open design allows air to circulate freely, making these bins suitable for cooling and freezing processes in food processing industries.
♦ Assembly and Fabrication: They can serve as movable workstations or hold parts in assembly and fabrication lines, where components must be accessible and moved frequently.


The versatility and durability of the Davco GM-5131 Rigid Single Gate Wire Mesh Bulk Bin make it a valuable asset for managing, storing, and transporting a wide range of materials and products in various industries.

54" wide x 44" deep x 40" high ♦ Helf drop gate on one 54" side ♦ Inside Usable Volume: 45 cubic feet ♦ Heavy duty reinforced wire mess on all four sides ♦ Heavy duty mesh floor. ♦ Stack Height: 5 full bins. ♦ Color: Blue Enamel

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