Akro-Mils 30280 Super Sized Plastic Bins - 4 per Carton

  • Akro-Mils 30280 Super Sized Plastic Bins - 4 per Carton
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Akro-Mils 30280 Super Sized Plastic Bins - 4 per Carton control inventories, shorten assembly times, and minimize parts handling. Heavy-duty bins securely stack atop each other or sit on shelving. Molded of high-density polypropylene, Akro Bins are unaffected by weak acids and alkalis.

♦  Outside Dimensions:  20" long x 12-3/8" wide x 6" high
  Inside Dimensions:  16-7/8" long x 10-11/16" wide x 5-3/8" high.
  Maximum Capacity per Bin:  200 pounds.
  Stacked Capacity 40 pounds per bin at t bins high
♦  Carton Quantity: 4
  Sturdy, one-piece construction is water, rust, and corrosion proof.

akro bins   

Small part hopper front bins, also known as picking or storage bins, provide several advantages for organizing and storing small items.


Here are some of the key benefits of using small-part hopper front bins:

  Easy Access and Visibility: Hopper front bins have a sloped front design with an open hopper, allowing easy access to the inside contents. This design enables efficient picking and retrieval of small parts without the need to remove or disturb other items. The sloped front also provides excellent visibility, allowing users to i locate specific things.
  Space Efficiency: These bins are designed to maximize storage capacity and space utilization. The hopper front design eliminates wasted space at the front of the bin, allowing bins to be placed close to each other without any wasted gaps. This compact arrangement enables efficient use of shelf space, reducing the overall footprint required for storage.
  Organization and Sorting: Small part hopper front bins are available in various sizes and configurations, allowing for effective organization and sorting of small items. They can separate different types of parts, components, or products, helping maintain a neat and orderly storage system. In addition, this organization facilitates quick inventory checks, restocking, and picking processes.
  Durability and Strength: These bins are typically made from durable materials such as plastic or heavy-duty polypropylene, which provide excellent strength and longevity. They are designed to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, including impact, stacking, and frequent handling.
  Stackability: Hopper front bins are often stackable, which allows for vertical storage and efficient use of vertical space. Stacking the bins on top of each other maximizes storage density and helps create a compact storage system. It also makes it easier to transport or relocate the bins if necessary.
  Flexibility: Small-part hopper front bins are versatile and can be used in various settings. They are commonly used in warehouses, workshops, assembly lines, retail stores, and other environments where small parts or items need to be stored and accessed regularly. In addition, they can be used as standalone storage units or integrated into existing shelving systems or workstations.
  Improved Efficiency and Productivity: Using small part hopper front bins helps improve efficiency and productivity in several ways. The easy access and visibility of items reduce picking time and minimize errors. The organized storage system eliminates time-consuming searches or sorting through cluttered storage areas. This streamlines inventory management, restocking, and assembly processes, ultimately increasing productivity.
  Cost Savings: Small part hopper front bins contribute to cost savings by enhancing inventory control and reducing waste. Organized storage makes tracking and managing inventory levels easier, minimizing the risk of overstocking or stockouts. This leads to better inventory accuracy and reduces the need for emergency orders or rush deliveries. Additionally, the durability of these bins helps minimize replacement and maintenance costs.

The Akro-Mils 30-Series Small Part Plastic Bin is a versatile storage solution commonly used in various settings due to its durability and practical design.

Here are some potential uses for these bins:
♦ Manufacturing Facilities: In these environments, the bins can be used for sorting and storing different components like bolts, nuts, washers, and small tools, helping to streamline the assembly process.
♦ Automotive Industry: These bins are ideal for organizing automotive parts such as screws, fasteners, clips, and small mechanical parts, making them easily accessible for mechanics and assembly line workers.
♦ Warehouse Organization: Warehouses can use these bins to store and organize small items, which helps with quick parts retrieval.
♦ Aerospace Industry: In the aerospace sector, where precision is key, these bins can be used to organize various small parts used in the assembly and maintenance of aircraft.
♦ Medical Equipment Manufacturing: For sorting and storing small medical components and tools used for medical devices.
♦ Robotics and Automation: Ideal for organizing small parts like sensors, gears, and other r machinery components.
♦ Construction and Building: Useful for contractors and builders for storing small building materials like nails, screws, and brackets.
♦ Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries: For sorting and storing small lab equipment, sample containers, and other miscellaneous items in a safe, organized manner.
♦ Machinery Maintenance and Repair: Handy for organizing spare parts, fittings, and small tools needed for machinery maintenance.
♦ 3D Printing and Prototyping: Useful in storing various small parts and tools used in 3D printing and prototyping workshops.
♦ Utilities and Energy Sector: For organizing small parts used in electrical, plumbing, and utility work.




Remember, the key advantage of these bins is their ability to help maintain order and organization in spaces where small items are frequently used and need to be readily accessible.


Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines when using this product. Following the manufacturer's guidelines is generally a good idea when using any product or equipment. Still, it's also essential to use your judgment and seek expert advice when necessary.  Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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Outside Dimensions: 20" long x 12-3/8" wide x 6" high ♦ Inside Dimensions: 16-7/8" long x 10-11/16" wide x 5-3/8" high. ♦ Maximum Capacity per Bin: 200 pounds. ♦ Stacked Capacity 40 pounds per bin at 10 bins high ♦ Carton Quantity: 4 ♦ Sturdy, one-piece construction is water, rust, and corrosion proof.
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