Quantum Cross Stack Plastic Tubs

Quantum Cross Stack Tubs


Quantum Cross Stack Tubs are manufactured from USDA and FDA-approved polypropylene, ensuring both safety and durability. These tubs are highly versatile, designed to nest when empty and cross-stack at 90° angles when filled, maximizing space efficiency. The design facilitates easy access to contents, and the high-impact polypropylene material is easy to maintain and clean. Integrated handles provide comfortable handling, and molded grooves at the bottom ensure secure stacking. With a capacity to hold up to 100 lbs and a six 1-1/4" drill hole pattern at the bottom for optimal drainage or air circulation, these tubs are adaptable to a wide range of uses. Available in gray, blue, and white, Quantum Cross Stack Tubs provide practical and effective storage solutions for various environments.

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Model Number Outside Dim. Inside Dim. Carton Quantity Carton Pricing Buy Now
17-1/4"L x 11"W x 8"H
13"L x 7-1/2"W
17-1/4"L x 11"W x 12"H
12-5/8"L x 7"W
23-3/4"L x 17-1/4"W x 8"H
19-5/8"L x 13-3/4"W
23-3/4"L x 17-1/4"W x 12"H
18-7/8"L x 13-1/4"W
25-1/8"L x 16"W x 8-1/2"H
20-1/2"L x 11-3/8"W