Interthor Logitrans SELFS MAXI Fully Powered Logiflex Straddle Stacker - 1003-74

  • Interthor Logitrans SELFS MAXI Fully Powered Logiflex Straddle Stacker - 1003-74
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Interthor Logitrans SELFS MAXI Fully Powered Logiflex Straddle Stacker - 1003-74 can transport, lift and handle different goods. All types of pallets - also closed pallets - can be handled. An extensive range of optional extras ensures optimum flexibility. The design focuses on the user's safety and ergonomic working conditions. Logiflex can be adjusted to the individual user, and the ergonomically correct handle ensures the user a relaxed hold. High quality is provided through an extended test program and cooperation with Health and Safety experts.
♦  Fork Size:  6.5" wide x 42" long
♦  Lifting Height: 74"
♦  Capacity:  2,200 pounds
♦  Powered Lift, Powered Drive
♦  Straddle Legs Design
AC-technology (Curtis Controller)

♦  Long operating time per charge
♦  Easy setting of, e.g., driving speed, acceleration, and deceleration
♦  Soft acceleration
♦  Speed control
Motor brake

♦  Transparent safety screen
♦  All control buttons on the handle
♦  Foot guards
♦  Shielded chains

♦  Ergonomically correct handle
♦  Individual adjustment
Handling of different pallet types - also closed pallets

♦  Many opportunities for optional extras
♦  Adjustable forks
♦  Operates with the handle upright
Easy access to the battery

♦  Detachable cover
No brushes in the wheel motor

♦  Strong construction
♦  Long operating life
♦  Low maintenance costs


The Interthor Logitrans Powered Logiflex Selfs Maxi Straddle Stacker offers several benefits that make it a valuable asset in various warehousing and material handling environments.
Here are some of the key advantages:
♦  Enhanced Lifting Capacity: The Logiflex Selfs Maxi is designed to handle heavy loads efficiently, which is crucial in warehouses and distribution centers where large and heavy items are common.
♦  Improved Safety: The straddle stacker enhances operator safety with its stable design and easy-to-use controls. It minimizes the risk of accidents associated with manual handling of heavy goods.
♦  Increased Productivity: The powered nature of the Logiflex allows for quicker movement of goods, significantly boosting productivity. Operators can move more items in less time compared to manual handling.
♦  Versatility: This stacker is versatile in handling different types of pallets and loads. Its straddle design allows it to work with various pallet sizes and shapes, making it suitable for diverse warehouse settings.
♦  Maneuverability: The compact design and efficient control mechanism make it easy to maneuver in tight spaces, which is essential in crowded warehouses.
♦  Ergonomic Design: The Logiflex is designed with the operator's comfort in mind, featuring ergonomic controls that reduce fatigue and strain during operation.
♦  Reduced Maintenance Costs: Built with high-quality components, the Logiflex is durable and requires less maintenance, which helps reduce long-term operational costs.
♦  Battery Efficiency: The electric power system is environmentally friendly and ensures efficient energy use, reducing the need for frequent recharging.
♦  Customization Options: The Logiflex offers various customization options to suit different operational needs, such as adjustable forks, different lift heights, and optional attachments.
♦  Ease of Use:  Its intuitive control panel and responsive handling make it easy for operators to learn and use, reducing the time and cost associated with training.

By integrating the Interthor Logitrans Powered Logiflex Selfs Maxi Straddle Stacker into operations, businesses can achieve higher efficiency, improved safety, and better handling of materials, which are crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in today's fast-paced market.


The Interthor Logitrans Powered Logiflex Selfs Maxi Straddle Stacker is a versatile piece of equipment used in various settings for handling and transporting materials.
Typical uses of this stacker include:
♦  Warehouse Operations: It's widely used in warehouse environments for stacking pallets, moving goods from one place to another, and organizing storage areas. Its ability to handle heavy loads makes it ideal for warehouse stacking tasks.
♦  Loading and Unloading Trucks: The stacker is often used in loading docks for loading and unloading goods from trucks. Its ability to lift and maneuver pallets simplifies transferring goods to and from vehicles.
♦  Retail and Supermarket Backrooms: In retail settings, especially in supermarkets and large stores, the stacker can be used in backrooms to organize stock and prepare items for display.
♦  Manufacturing Facilities: In manufacturing environments, it can transport raw materials to production lines and move finished products to storage areas.
♦  Distribution Centers: The Logiflex is ideal for moving and organizing goods in distribution centers, where efficient handling and quick turnaround are essential.
♦  Small Businesses: It's also suitable for smaller businesses that require efficient material handling but may not have the space for larger equipment.
♦  Cross-Docking Operations: The stacker can be used to quickly transfer goods from one vehicle to another without long-term storage.
♦  Inventory Management: It aids in inventory management by allowing efficient stacking and retrieval of goods, which is crucial in inventory audits and stocktaking.
♦  Workshops and Assembly Lines: In workshops, it can transport parts and components to assembly lines and move assembled products to storage or shipping areas.
♦  Specialized Applications: With various attachments and customizations available, the Logiflex can be adapted for specialized applications such as handling drums, rolls, or other specific types of cargo.

Overall, the Interthor Logitrans Powered Logiflex Selfs Maxi Straddle Stacker is a multifunctional tool that can significantly enhance the efficiency and productivity of material handling across many different industries.


The Interthor Logitrans Battery Powered Logiflex Stacker - Selfs Mini provides a reliable, efficient, and safe solution for various material handling tasks. Its electric-powered operation, precise control, and compact design make it valuable in multiple industrial and commercial applications.

Note: Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines when using this product. Following the manufacturer's guidelines is generally a good idea when using any product or equipment. Still, it's also essential to use your judgment and seek expert advice when necessary.  Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Fork Size: 6.5" wide x 42" long ♦ Lifting Height: 74" ♦ Capacity: 2,200 pounds ♦ Powered Lift, Powered Drive ♦ Straddle Legs Design PERFORMANCE ♦ AC-technology (Curtis Controller) ♦ Long operating time per charge ♦ Easy setting of e.g. driving speed, acceleration and deceleration ♦ Soft acceleration ♦ Speed control SAFETY ♦ Motor brake ♦ Transparent safety screen ♦ All control buttons on handle ♦ Foot guards ♦ Shielded chains ERGONOMICS ♦ Ergonomically correct handle ♦ Individual adjustment EFFICIENCY ♦ Handling of different pallet types - also closed pallets ♦ Many opportunities for optional extras ♦ Adjustable forks ♦ Operates with the handle upright SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE ♦ Easy access to the battery ♦ Detachable cover DURABILITY ♦ No brushes in the wheel motor ♦ Strong construction ♦ Long operating life ♦ Low maintenance costs

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