Interthor Logitrans Manual Thork Skid High Lift - HL 1006-1947

  • Interthor Logitrans Manual Thork Skid High Lift - HL 1006-1947
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Interthor Logitrans Manual Thork Skid High Lift - HL 1006-1947 ensures correct ergonomic working height when you transport, lift and handle elements of pallets. The Thork Lift has an elegant design focusing on safety and ease of use. The rounded corners reduce the risks of damaging surroundings when you move them around, and the shape of the handle ensures an ergonomic and relaxed hold.  We guarantee high quality through an extended test program and cooperation with Health and Safety experts.

♦  Fork Size: 19" wide x 47" long
♦  Capacity:  3,300 pounds to 18.5" and 2,200 pounds to 31.5"
♦  Travel:  Up to 31.5" high
♦  Fork over Design
♦  The working height can be adjusted
♦  Great maneuverability
♦  Loads of 3300 lbs. to 18.5"
♦  From 18.5",  the lifting capacity is 2200 lbs.
♦  Neutral position of the handle 
♦  Ergonomically correct handle
♦  Individual adjustment
♦  Rounded corners
♦  Low truck weight
♦  Very low power for the pump function
♦  Foot protection
♦  Central location of control buttons
♦  Low overall height
♦  Supporting feet at steering wheels
♦  Tandem wheels on scissors legs
♦  Long operating life
♦  Low maintenance costs
♦  Reliable cylinder construction
♦  Strong construction
♦  Use of quality materials



The Interthor Logitrans HL-Series Manual Thork Skid High Lift offers several benefits that can be particularly advantageous in various industrial and warehouse settings.
Here's a rundown of the key advantages:
♦  Ergonomic Design: The HL-Series Thork Skid High Lift design focuses on operator comfort and safety. This reduces the risk of strain or injury, especially when lifting heavy loads.
♦  Versatility: These high lifts are suitable for various tasks, including loading, unloading, and transporting goods. Their adaptability makes them ideal for different types of work environments.
♦  Increased Productivity: The manual Thork Skid High Lift can significantly enhance productivity by facilitating easier and faster lifting. This is particularly valuable in busy warehouses and distribution centers.
♦  Durability and Reliability: The HL-Series is known for its robust construction. This durability ensures that the equipment can withstand the rigors of daily use, reducing downtime due to repairs.
♦  Easy to Operate: These lifts are designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls that make them easy to operate, even for beginners.
♦  Cost-Effective: Being a manual lift, it does not require fuel or electricity, which can lead to cost savings over time, especially considering the lower maintenance and operational costs compared to powered lifts.
♦  Compact Design: The compact nature of these lifts makes them ideal for use in tight spaces, which is often the case in warehouse environments.
♦  Manual Operation for Precision: Manual operation allows for greater precision in the movement and placement of goods, which is crucial in specific settings where delicate handling is required.
♦  Environmentally Friendly: Since it doesn't rely on fossil fuels or batteries, it's more environmentally friendly than powered lifts.
♦  Low Maintenance Needs: With fewer moving parts and no need for a power source, the maintenance requirements are typically lower than those of powered lifts.

These benefits make the Interthor Logitrans HL-Series Manual Thork Skid High Lift an efficient and reliable choice for businesses looking to improve their material handling processes.



The Interthor Logitrans HL-Series Manual Thork Skid High Lift is a versatile piece of equipment used in various settings, primarily for handling and transporting materials.
Some of the general uses for this equipment include:
♦  Lifting and Transporting Pallets: One of the primary uses is lifting and moving pallets within a warehouse or distribution center. This is especially useful for loading and unloading goods from trucks or storage shelves.
♦  Order Picking: The high lift can pick up warehouse orders. Its ability to elevate items comfortably makes it easier for workers to gather products without excessive bending or stretching.
♦  Stacking and Storage: It's well-suited for stacking pallets or other items in storage areas. The high lift capacity allows workers to utilize vertical space more effectively in storage facilities.
♦  Loading and Unloading Operations: The high lift can load or unload materials on production lines, in shipping and receiving areas, or in other facility parts where goods must be moved from one level to another.
♦  Work Positioning: In manufacturing settings, the Thork Skid High Lift can be used to position work materials at an ergonomic height for workers, which can help in reducing strain and improving productivity.
♦  Dock Operations: It is also helpful in dock areas for moving goods between different transport vehicles and the warehouse.
♦  Inventory Management: In inventory management, it can be used to rearrange and organize stock, especially in high-density storage areas.
♦  Feeding Materials into Machinery: In some industrial settings, it can be used to feed materials into machines or to remove finished products.
♦  Facility Maintenance and Cleaning: The lift can help access high areas during facility maintenance tasks or cleaning operations.
♦  General Material Handling: In any environment where materials need to be moved, lifted, or handled, the Thork Skid High Lift can provide a practical and efficient solution.

The versatility of the Interthor Logitrans HL-Series Manual Thork Skid High Lift makes it a valuable asset in a wide range of industrial and commercial environments, helping to improve efficiency, safety, and ergonomics in material handling tasks.



Note: Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines when using this product. Following the manufacturer's guidelines is generally a good idea when using any product or equipment. Still, it's also essential to use your judgment and seek expert advice when necessary. 

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Fork Size: 19" wide x 47" long ♦ Capacity: 3,300 pounds to 18.5" and 2,200 pounds to 31.5" ♦ Travel: Up to 31.5" high ♦ Fork over Design EFFICIENCY ♦ The working height can be adjusted ♦ Great maneuverability ♦ Loads of 3300 lbs. to 18.5" ♦ From 18.5 inches the lifting capacity is 2200 lbs. ♦ Neutral position of the handle ERGONOMICS ♦ Ergonomically correct handle ♦ Individual adjustment ♦ Rounded corners

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