Jarke GCH4SU Horizontal Gas Cylinder Storage Cage

  • Jarke GCH4SU Horizontal Gas Cylinder Storage Cage
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Jarke GCH4SU Horizontal Gas Cylinder Storage Cage with 13-gauge expanded metal with 16-gauge solid steel roof. 

♦  Cylinder Stored: 4,
♦  Size: 32" deep x 38" wide x 37" high
♦  Corner posts are 12-gauge. 

♦  Padlock loop & hinges.
♦  Pre-drilled legs to anchor to floor. 

♦  Painted safety yellow with red legend: “Flammable-Keep Away From Flame”.
Meets all OSHA requirements and NFPA standards.
♦  Units ships Set Up.

Using a Horizontal Cylinder Storage Cabinet offers several benefits across various industries, especially where gas cylinders are routinely used and stored. These benefits enhance safety, compliance, efficiency, and organization in the handling of gas cylinders.

Here's an overview of the key advantages:
♦  Enhanced Safety: Storing cylinders horizontally minimizes the risk of tipping over, which could lead to leaks, ruptures, or other hazardous incidents. Protection from External Damage: Cabinets shield cylinders from being struck or damaged by external forces, which could compromise their integrity.
♦  Compliance with Regulations: Meets OSHA and NFPA Standards: Proper storage solutions like these cabinets help ensure compliance with safety regulations, reducing the risk of fines and enhancing workplace safety.
♦  Space Efficiency: Optimal Use of Space: Horizontal storage cabinets are designed to efficiently use space, which is particularly valuable in facilities where floor space is at a premium.
♦  Security: Controlled Access: Lockable cabinets prevent unauthorized access to hazardous materials, reducing the risk of misuse or tampering.
♦  Environmental Protection: Leak Prevention: By securely containing cylinders, these cabinets can help prevent gas leaks, protecting the environment and personnel from exposure to potentially harmful substances.
♦  Improved Organization and Accessibility: easy Identification and Retrieval: Horizontal storage allows for easier visibility and labeling of cylinders, streamlining operations by making locating and accessing the correct cylinders more straightforward.
♦  Durability: Built to Last: These cabinets are typically constructed from high-quality materials designed to withstand harsh environments, ensuring long-term durability and protection of the contents.
♦  Versatility: Accommodates Various Cylinder Types: They can store various cylinder types and sizes, making them suitable for different applications, from industrial use to medical and research settings.
♦  Cost Savings: Reduces Cylinder Damage and Replacement Costs: By protecting cylinders from damage and accidents, these cabinets can save organizations money over time by extending the lifespan of the cylinders.
♦  Peace of Mind: Confidence in Safety Measures: Knowing that gas cylinders are stored securely and in compliance with safety standards provides peace of mind to employees and managers alike.

In summary, Horizontal Cylinder Storage Cabinets are a critical investment for any operation that regularly uses gas cylinders. They provide a secure, organized, and efficient way to store hazardous materials, directly contributing to a safer and more compliant workplace environment.

Cylinder Stored: 4, ♦ Size: 32"D x 38"W x 37"H, ♦ Corner posts are 12-gauge. 
 ♦ Padlock loop & hinges. ♦ Pre-drilled legs to anchor to floor. 
 ♦ Painted safety yellow with red legend: “Flammable-Keep Away From Flame”. ♦ 
Meets all OSHA requirements and NFPA standards. ♦ Units ships Set Up.

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