Lift Products Electric Skid Lift Jack - MJHLSE-N22

  • Lift Products Electric Skid Lift Jack - MJHLSE-N22
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Lift Products Electric Skid Lift Jack - MJHLSE-N22 rugged ergonomically designed for lifting applications in various locations throughout the work area. Skid lifters are used in factories, warehouses, tool rooms, and machine shops...anywhere lifting is required. With the ergonomic design, injuries can be reduced, and productivity increased. The Lift Products MJHLS series features a foot pump-operated lift mechanism. Poly wheels and casters with foot brakes are standard. All models also have an optional slide-on platform that creates a solid work surface. The hydraulic system has the reliability of a simple single-stage lift cylinder, and the chain-over sprocket design features a 2-to-1 lift ratio. 

♦ Forks: 20.75" wide x 45.5" long
♦ Capacity: 2,200 pounds.
♦ Lifting Speed: 15 seconds.
♦ Lowered height: 3.25" and 32.68" raised height.
♦ Shipping Weight: 446 pounds.
♦ 3" poly load wheels
♦ 6" poly steer wheels
♦ Steer wheels with brakes
♦ Beveled forks
♦ 1" x 2.5" scissor arms
♦ Battery discharge indicator
♦ BDI on button
♦ Removable maintenance cover
♦ Ergonomic steer handle
♦ Push bar with release lever
♦ Clearly decaled operation
♦ 2 to 1 lifting ration
♦ Heavy duty #60H chain pully
♦ Socket guard cover
♦ Trapped bottom rollers
♦ Built-in automatic charger
♦ 12V 90Ah maintenance free battery
♦ UP/DOWN control stick
♦ Emergency stop switch
♦ Works with open bottom skids
♦ Not for use with closed pallets
♦ CE certified


Battery-powered skid lifts, also known as electric pallet jacks or electric pallet trucks, are becoming increasingly popular in industrial settings due to their numerous benefits. Some of the primary advantages of using battery-powered skid lifts for pallets include:

♦ Reduced Physical Strain: Manual lifting and moving of heavy goods can be strenuous and potentially harmful over time. Using battery-powered skid lifts minimizes the physical strain on operators, reducing the risk of workplace injuries.
♦ Increased Efficiency and Productivity: Battery-powered skid lifts can handle more weight and move faster than manual alternatives. This increased capacity means that tasks can be completed more quickly, increasing operational efficiency and productivity.
♦ Cost-Effective: Despite a higher initial cost, battery-powered skid lifts typically have lower long-term operational costs than manual or gas-powered ones. This is because they require less maintenance and have lower energy costs. Furthermore, the increased productivity can offset the initial investment.
♦ Environmental Friendliness: Battery-powered skid lifts are more environmentally friendly than gas-powered ones as they don't emit harmful gases. Also, advancements in battery technology, such as lithium-ion batteries, have made these machines even more sustainable.
♦ Improved Precision: Many battery-powered skid lifts come with advanced controls that allow for precise positioning of loads, reducing the risk of damage to goods or infrastructure.
♦ Flexibility: Battery-powered skid lifts can be used in a wide variety of environments, including indoors, without worry about fumes or noise disturbing workers or violating regulations.
♦ Safety: They often come with safety features such as automatic emergency braking systems, reducing the risk of accidents.
♦ Quieter Operation: Compared to gas or diesel-powered alternatives, battery-powered lifts operate with less noise, creating a more comfortable working environment.

In summary, the benefits of battery-powered skid lifts for pallets in industrial applications are significant, contributing to improved productivity, cost savings, better worker health and safety, and reduced environmental impact.

Forks: 20.75" wide x 45.5" long ♦ Capacity: 2,200 pounds. ♦ Lifting Speed: 15 seconds. ♦ Lowered height: 3.25" and 32.68" raised height. ♦ Shipping Weight: 446 pounds. ♦ 3" poly load wheels ♦ 6" poly steer wheels ♦ Steer wheels with brakes ♦ Beveled forks ♦ 1" x 2.5" scissor arms ♦ Battery discharge indicator ♦ BDI on button ♦ Removable maintenance cover ♦ Ergonomic steer handle ♦ Push bar with release lever ♦ Clearly decaled operation ♦ 2 to 1 lifting ration ♦ Heavy duty #60H chain pully ♦ Socket guard cover ♦ Trapped bottom rollers ♦ Built-in automatic charger ♦ 12V 90Ah maintenance-free battery ♦ UP/DOWN control stick ♦ Emergency stop switch ♦ Works with open-bottom skids ♦ Not for use with closed pallets ♦ CE certified

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