Apache Mills Anti-Fatigue Invigorator Black Mat - 3x75

  • Apache Mills Anti-Fatigue Invigorator Black Mat - 3x75
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Apache Mills Anti-Fatigue Invigorator Black Mat - 3x75 durable fluted vinyl surface enhances traction and is easy to clean. Beveled edges for added safety and allow trolley (cart) access.

♦  Mat Size: 3' wide x 75' long. 
♦  Thickness: 1/2". 
♦  Color: Black.

♦  Resists common chemicals and fluids if cleaned regularly.
♦  Comfortable ErgoFlex™ foam provides anti-fatigue relief.
♦  Limited 3-year warranty against wear and delamination.
♦  Model Number: 34-470-0900-30007500.

apache mills matting
Using the Apache Mills Invigorator Black Mat brings several benefits, especially for individuals who spend extended periods standing. 
Here are some of the key advantages:
♦  Anti-Fatigue Comfort: The mat's cushioned surface reduces fatigue and discomfort from standing on hard surfaces. It's designed to comfort your feet, legs, and lower back, making long-standing periods more bearable.
♦  Improved Posture and Ergonomics: The ergonomic design of the mat encourages a natural standing posture, which can help reduce strain on the back and joints, potentially reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.
♦  Increased Safety: The mat often features a slip-resistant surface, crucial in preventing accidents, especially in kitchens or industrial areas where spills might occur.
♦  Enhanced Circulation: Standing on a hard surface for a long time can impede circulation in the lower limbs. With its cushioning, the Invigorator mat promotes subtle movements of the feet and legs, aiding in better circulation.
♦  Durability: These mats are built to last and are made from high-quality materials that can withstand heavy use in commercial and residential settings.
♦  Ease of Maintenance: The mat is generally easy to clean and maintain, which is particularly important in maintaining hygiene in kitchens, workshops, and healthcare facilities.
♦  Versatile Use: The Apache Mills Invigorator Black Mat can be used in various environments, including commercial kitchens, industrial workstations, retail counters, and home settings like kitchens and home offices.
♦  Professional Appearance: Its sleek black design can fit well into various décor styles, offering a professional and clean look.
♦  Reduction in Spinal Compression: The mat's cushioning effect helps reduce the compression of the spine that typically occurs due to prolonged standing.
♦  Comfort for Foot Conditions: The extra cushioning can significantly relieve individuals with foot conditions like plantar fasciitis or flat feet.

In summary, the Apache Mills Invigorator Black Mat enhances comfort, safety, and ergonomics in any setting where prolonged standing is a norm, improving overall work efficiency and health.



The Apache Mills Invigorator Black Mat is versatile and can be used in various environments where standing for prolonged periods is common.
Here are some typical uses:
♦  Industrial Workstations: These mats can provide ergonomic benefits and reduce fatigue in factories and workshops, where workers stand at assembly lines or machines.
♦  Commercial Kitchens: Chefs, cooks, and kitchen staff often stand for long hours. The mat provides comfort and reduces fatigue, making it easier to work efficiently.
♦  Laboratories: Scientists and technicians who stand for extended periods while conducting experiments or research can use these mats for added comfort and support.
♦  Healthcare Facilities: In hospitals and clinics, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals can use these mats in areas where they are required to stand for long hours, like operating rooms or pharmacies.
♦  Standing Desks in Offices: For standing desks, the mat can help alleviate discomfort and fatigue associated with standing for long periods, improving focus and productivity.
♦  Retail Stores: Employees who stand at cash registers or customer service desks can benefit from the cushioning support of the mat, reducing strain on their legs and back.
♦  Home Kitchens: Ideal for home chefs or anyone who spends a lot of time cooking and washing dishes, the mat can make these tasks more comfortable.
♦  Salons and Barber Shops: Professionals in these settings often stand while attending to clients, and the mat can help reduce the physical strain.
♦  Home Workshops and Garages: Hobbyists or DIY enthusiasts who spend time standing at workbenches or in garages can benefit from the comfort provided by the mat.
♦  Art Studios: Artists who stand while painting, sculpting, or engaging in other creative activities can use the mat to reduce fatigue and enhance comfort.

The Apache Mills Invigorator Black Mat's durability, comfort, and ergonomic design make it suitable for various applications, especially when comfort and fatigue reduction are crucial.



Note: Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines when using this product. Following the manufacturer's guidelines is generally a good idea when using any product or equipment. Still, it's also essential to use your judgment and seek expert advice when necessary.  Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Apache mills anti-fatigue matting     Apache mills anti-fatigue matting

They have a limited 3-year warranty against wear and delamination.

Mat Size: 3' wide x 75' long. ♦ Thickness: 1/2". ♦ Color: Black. ♦ Resists common chemicals and fluids if cleaned regularly. ♦ Comfortable ErgoFlex™ foam provides anti-fatigue relief. ♦ Limited 3-year warranty against wear and delamination. ♦ Model Number: 34-470-0900-30007500.

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