Orbis Medium Duty Collapsible Bulk Container - KD3230-25

  • Orbis Medium Duty Collapsible Bulk Container - KD3230-25
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Orbis Medium-Duty Collapsible Bulk Container - KD3230-25 reusable containers are ideal for high-density small to medium-sized parts and are perfect for tight working spaces. Containers collapse when empty for reduced return transportation costs and warehouse space savings. During storage and shipping, these bulk bins stack securely atop each other. Large, spring-loaded, ergonomic latches make collapsing containers and opening/closing access doors extremely easy

♦  Outside Top Dimensions:  32” long x 30” wide x 25” high.
♦  Inside Top Dimensions:  29.2” long x 27.3” wide.
♦  Product Clearance:  18.1”
♦  Collapsed Height:  13.1”.
♦  Container Capacity:  1,500 pounds.
♦  Weight:  68 pounds.
♦  Maximum Loaded Stack Static:  6 high.
♦  Maximum Loaded Stack Dynamic:  4 high.
♦  Drop Doors: 2.
♦  Material:  Structural-foam molded in high-density polyethylene
♦  Non-sequential wall hinge design allows pallet box sidewalls to completely collapse to prevent wall and hinge damage.

Benefits of  Collapsible Bulk Container
Collapsible bulk containers have a variety of benefits that make them essential tools for many industries, particularly for transportation and storage. Here are some of the primary advantages of using collapsible bulk containers:

♦ Space Saving: One of the primary benefits of collapsible bulk containers is their ability to save space. When not in use, these containers can be collapsed to a fraction of their full size, making them much easier to store. This can be particularly beneficial in warehouses or other storage facilities where space is at a premium.
♦ Durability: Many collapsible bulk containers are made of durable materials like high-density plastic that withstand a lot of wear and tear. This means they can be used repeatedly without breaking or becoming damaged, which can save money in the long term.
♦ Cost-effective: Because they can be collapsed and stacked when not in use, collapsible bulk containers can significantly reduce the costs associated with storage and transport. They allow more empty containers to be transported simultaneously, reducing overall transportation costs.
♦ Sustainability: By using collapsible bulk containers, companies can reduce their use of one-time packaging materials, making their operations more sustainable. They are reusable, and some are made from recycled materials.
♦ Protection: These containers are often designed with a specific purpose in mind and provide excellent protection for goods during transportation. They can prevent damage from impact, moisture, dust, and other external factors.
♦ Versatility: Collapsible bulk containers can store and transport various items. They come in various sizes and designs to fit different needs. Some have added features like lids, doors for easy access, or dividers for organizing content.
♦ Easy to Use: Most collapsible containers are designed to assemble and disassemble without needing tools. This can save time in busy warehouse environments.
♦ Improved Efficiency: Using collapsible bulk containers can streamline operations and improve efficiency. They make loading and unloading products more accessible, and their uniform size can simplify planning and organization.
♦ Improved Safety: Collapsible bulk containers are designed to be stable when stacked, reducing the risk of accidents in the workplace.

Overall, the benefits of collapsible bulk containers make them an excellent choice for any business transporting or storing large amounts of goods.



Outside Top Dimensions: 32” long x 30” wide x 25” high. ♦ Inside Top Dimensions: 29.2” long x 27.3” wide. ♦ Product Clearance: 18.1” ♦ Collapsed Height: 13.1”. ♦ Container Capacity: 1,500 pounds. ♦ Weight: 68 pounds. ♦ Maximum Loaded Stack Static: 6 high. ♦ Maximum Loaded Stack Dynamic: 4 high. ♦ Drop Doors: 2. ♦ Material: Structural foam molded in high-density polyethylene ♦ Non-sequential wall hinge design allows pallet box sidewalls to collapse to prevent wall and hinge damage completely

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