Akro-Mils 19228 Steel Storage Cabinet

  • Akro-Mils 19228 Steel Storage Cabinet
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The Akro-Mils 19228 Steel Storage Cabinet is designed for robust and secure storage needs, perfect for industrial, office, or workshop environments where durability is crucial. Constructed from heavy-duty welded galvannealed steel, this cabinet is built to last, featuring a chip-proof and durable powder-coated finish in gray.

Here are the key details of the Akro-Mils 19228:
Overall Cabinet Size: 17 inches wide, 11 inches deep, 11 inches high
Number of Drawers: 28
Drawer Size: Each drawer measures 2-3/16 inches wide, 2-1/16 inches high, and 10-9/16 inches deep
Included Accessories: Each drawer includes one label and two dividers, allowing for customized storage options
Color: Gray

The storage cabinet is equipped with built-in nesting feet, enabling safe and stable stacking of multiple units. It also has four keyhole slots for easy wall mounting, offering flexible placement options. The drawers are made from strong, high-impact polystyrene, ensuring they are rust, corrosion, and dent-proof. Each drawer can be divided into up to eight compartments with dovetailed dividers for further customization. A unique rear stop tab on each drawer prevents the contents from spilling, securing materials and tools effectively. This design makes it an excellent choice for organizing small parts and tools efficiently and safely.


Made in the USA; Chip-proof, durable powder-coated finish; Heavy-duty 24-gauge, welded-steel frame for strength.

Akro-Mils 19-Series Steel Storage Cabinets are designed for industrial, commercial, and professional environments, offering a range of features and benefits:

♦ Durability and Strength: These cabinets are made from high-quality steel, which can withstand demanding environments and heavy use. The robust construction provides long-lasting durability.
♦ Versatility: The 19-Series cabinets come in various sizes and configurations, including different drawer counts and sizes. This versatility makes them suitable for various applications and storage needs.
♦ Organizational Efficiency: They often feature modular drawers with dividers, allowing for customizable organization. This helps keep items neatly sorted and easily accessible, enhancing workflow efficiency.
♦ Space Saving: The compact design of these cabinets maximizes storage capacity while minimizing the footprint, making them ideal for spaces where efficiency and organization are paramount.
♦ Ease of Use: Smooth drawer mechanisms and ergonomic handles ensure easy opening and closing, even when fully loaded drawers.
♦ Aesthetic Appeal: These cabinets' sleek, professional appearance can enhance the look of any workspace.
♦ Customization Options: Some models offer customization options like color choices, enabling them to fit into specific decor or color schemes.
♦ Protective Features: Many models include non-slip liners or cushioning in drawers to protect delicate tools and components from damage.




These features make Akro-Mils 19-Series Steel Storage Cabinets a valuable investment for businesses and professionals prioritizing their storage solutions' durability, security, and efficiency.

Here are some of their common uses:
♦ Workshop Organization: These cabinets are excellent for organizing tools, hardware, and small parts in workshops or garages. Their metal construction makes them durable enough to withstand the rigors of a workshop environment.
♦ Office Supplies Storage: They can store small office supplies like paper clips, staples, and other stationery items in office settings. This keeps desks clutter-free and ensures easy access to these items.
♦ Craft and Hobby Supplies: For craft enthusiasts or hobbyists, these cabinets offer an excellent way to organize and store beads, threads, needles, and other small crafting materials.
♦ Industrial Parts Storage: In industrial settings, these cabinets help store and organize small machine parts, fasteners, and other components. This helps maintain inventory and ensure easy access during manufacturing or repair processes.
♦ Educational Settings: Schools and universities can use these cabinets for storing small lab equipment, electronic components, or art supplies, making them ideal for classrooms and laboratories.
♦ Home Organization: For general home use, these cabinets are great for organizing items like sewing accessories, small tools, or even kitchen spices.
♦ Healthcare Facilities: In hospitals or clinics, they can be used to store small medical supplies or medications, assisting in keeping these essential items organized and readily accessible.

Overall, Akro-Mils 19-Series Steel Storage Cabinets are highly adaptable, making them suitable for various storage needs in different environments. Their sturdy construction and various compartment sizes cater to professional and personal storage requirements.



Note: Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines when using this product. Following the manufacturer's guidelines is generally a good idea when using any product or equipment. Still, it's also essential to use your judgment and seek expert advice when necessary.  Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Overall Cabinet Size: 17" wide x 11" deep x 11" high. ♦ Drawers per Cabinet: 28 ♦ Drawer Size: 2-3/16" wide x 2-1/16" high x 10-9/16" deep ♦ Includes (1) label and (2) dividers per drawer

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