Handle-It SWM-SA-0600 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine

  • Manufacturer: Handle-It

  • MFG's Part Number: SWM-SA-0600

  • Handle-It SWM-SA-0600 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine
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Handle-It SWM-SA-0600 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine

Handle-It SWM-SA-0600 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine offers all the features and functions you need at an unbeatable price! It is ideal for those who are looking to upgrade from hand wrapping their pallets and need to increase their capacity and improve wrap consistency. The 600 pallet wrapper has a photo eye to automatically sense the height of the pallet load and has multiple cycle parameters and quick select features that no other machine has at this price level. 

♦  3 Semi-Auto wrap cycles
♦  Powered Turntable and Powered Mast
♦  35 maximum average loads per day
♦  Max Pallet Size:  48" wide x 80" long (93" diagonal) 

♦  85" maximum load size diagonal
♦  Wrap Height: 86" maximum load height
♦  Mechanical Brake Tension:  150%

♦  Load Capacity: 3,000 pounds
♦  3 year warranty!

♦  Turntable speed 3-12 RPM

♦  Turntable Diameter:  59" 
♦  Turn Table Height:  3"

♦  1/2 HP TEFC Turntable Drive Motor
♦  110v standard plug 
♦  Machine size 93"L x 59" W x 88" H
♦  Film Type:  20" tall machine film with 3" core.

♦  Electronic printed circuit board for the control of the cycle;

♦  Frequency controller for turntable speed adjustment (from 3 to 12 RPM)
♦  Frequency controller for carriage speed adjustment (speed going up and speed going down can be set differently)
♦  Adjustable Mechanical brake for film stretching and tension control
♦  Photocell for pallet height detection
♦  Safety stop at the base of the carriage
♦  Stop at home position
♦  Power board IP54
♦  2 access keys (including lock mode)
♦  Adjustable parameters by the control panel: cycle selection; bottom turns; top turns; rotation speed; carriage speed going up; carriage speed going down; photocell delay
♦  Reinforcing operation
♦  2 working cycles: up and down; only up|
♦  3 programs can be saved by the customer 
♦  Acoustic warning at the cycle beginning and stop;
♦  Powder coating
♦  Soft start and stop turntable rotation
♦  3 year warranty

♦  Photo eye automatically senses the height of the pallet. 

♦  Integrated control board makes repair and diagnosis easier and reduces machine down time
♦  Photocell Delay for film overwrap for better load containment
♦  Heavy Duty Carriage Rollers & Self Lubricating turntable bearings
♦  Multiple saved cycles and parameters
♦  Easily moved with forklifts and plugs into standard 110v wall outlets.

♦  How many loads per day can this model wrap?  This model is rated to wrap up to a max average of 35 loads per day.
♦  What sets the 600 apart from the competition? The 600 has features that most entry level machines don't offer (digital photo cell delay, multiple parameters and cycles all at $5,000 and a 3 year warranty)
♦  What is the max weight and size pallet that it can wrap? You can wrap pallets up to 3000lbs and that have a max diagonal of 93"
♦  What type of film should we use for this machine? The machine uses 20" machine film and 70 gauge or higher
♦  What power requirements are needed? All of our machines plug into standard 110v outlets.
♦  Is there any setup or installation when I receive the machine? Our machines ship fully assembled, tested, and ready to use with common wrap cycles preloaded.
♦  What type of support do you offer? We carry parts in stock for quick shipment and we have full time tech support.

Available Options

Factory Installed Integrated Scale to weigh pallet loads (SWS-0850-ASM)

Loading Ramp for hand
pallet jacks (SWM-SA-STDRMP)
Deck Extension if using electric walk behinds (SWM-EXD)

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3 Semi-Auto wrap cycles ♦ Powered Turntable and Powered Mast ♦ 35 maximum average loads per day ♦ Max Pallet Size: 48" wide x 80" long (93" diagonal) ♦ 85" maximum load size diagonal ♦ Wrap Height: 86" maximum load height ♦ Mechanical Brake Tension: 150% ♦ Load Capacity: 3,000 pounds ♦ 3 year warranty! ♦ Turntable speed 3-12 RPM ♦ Turntable Diameter: 59" ♦ Turn Table Height: 3" ♦ 1/2 HP TEFC Turntable Drive Motor ♦ 110v standard plug ♦ Machine size 93"L x 59" W x 88" H ♦ Film Type: 20" tall machine film with 3" core.

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